Song Stories

Welcome to the lyrics and song stories from these past 4 albums – containing 45 original songs in less than 10 years.   Each of the songs that have come to me have been a powerful gift in my life – and so they are a ‘story’.  The songs that are highlighted are linked to the story around that song.  The others are coming!

I want to share these stories with you.  Cathy

2018 Remain in Love – Song Stories

Song of the Red Tent / Awake / We Are Not Alone/ Prayer Journey / Remain in Love / Abide /

The Water is Wide/ Rest / The Chalice / We will Live the Blessing / O Living Fire

2017 Christmas SINGLE:

She Was a Wanderer and a Stranger

2016 I Heard the Sound of Laughter – Song Stories

Come to the Table / Beautiful Presence / We are Here / O Breathing Life of All / We Have Come / Union /

Love is in our midst  / Yes / Grand Embrace / Take O Take Me As I Am / We Will Sing

2013 I am she…a soul’s journey home – Song Stories

Mama / My Bones Will Shine / I Open My Heart / Hallelujah / Freedom for the Soul / Ina / Holding You /

Open / Infinite Beauty / I am she / Return Home

2011 Love Shines – Song Stories

Love Shines / I Bind My Life to Love / Courage for Today / Breathing Together / Prayers /

Creator God (I sing with the Earth) / Hope of My Dreams / Rise Up / Every Time / Winter is Over /

Sing a Song /Joy is Coming / We Have Come


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