Song of the Red Tent – (from the new release Remain in Love)

It was in the summer of 2016 that I began to co-lead a group of 12 women in a circle we called Anam Cara, which means Soul Friend in Gaelic.  This circle was created to allow space for deeper personal growth and to deepen the soul work many of these women were on.  I realized that many of didn’t know how to really ‘be there’ for each other and that we were being called to new ways of understanding loving friendships.  One night I had a dream of this song and how we could sing this for each other.  And so we began.  For one year we sang this each month to one another and slowly the depth of it affected us all.  We tapped into something fierce and tender within ourselves;  fierceness to stand for the beauty and dignity of each other and tenderness in allowing our sisters to see us and love us.  I began to share this song in other circles and large groups of men and women and children.  I realized that we all need to sing songs of love for each other, songs of fierceness and tenderness.  Songs of wild care and tender kindness.  So, for all those who need to be ‘in the circle of love’ in this moment, this song is for you.  May we learn how to really sing for each other … call each other to LIFE.  Love Cathy

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