Soul Care Retreats


Soul Care Retreats are times of oasis for the heart, body & soul.  A time away to be replenished, restored and renewed.

Soul Care Retreats  (which vary from 1-4 Days) are created throughout the year to give opportunity for people to come back home to themselves & to God.  Rooted in Contemplative traditions (including Ignatian spirituality, Celtic Christianity, & Jungian psychology), Cathy wields together times of stillness, journaling meditations, experiencing nature, art, poetry, song and much more. Cathy is trained as a Spiritual Director and has been facilitating Soul Care Retreats for over 15 years.

Upcoming Retreats for 2020


“I have attended 4 Soul Care Retreats.  Everyone of them have given me a significant touchstone of nurture, care and awareness of who God is, who I am and where I am in my spiritual journey.  I carry each of these touchstones in my heart to this day, guiding my soul on my spiritual path, providing life-giving sustenance of truths to my starving heart.” (Sharon – 2019 Retreat participant)

“This retreat rocked my world, as Cathy would say. It is not often that you get to spend so much time dedicated solely to helping and healing yourself, so when that opportunity arises you need to take it! This retreat opened my eyes to so much about myself and gave me tools to take on life’s twists, turns and uncertainties. This retreat will help you feel God all around you. I would recommend this to everyone because everyone could use a little soul care!” (Erin – 2018 Retreat participant)

“I loved that it didn’t feel rushed, that there was personal time interspersed with group time…it felt like breathing…in, pause, out, pause.  I also appreciated the variety of activities there were to do during our personal time.” (Karen – 2018 Retreat participant)

“Soul care and Presence became a living entity to me and an integral awakening on my spiritual path during this retreat.  The deepest desire of my heart has been the longing for more.  My Cross was transformed into a Living Tree with roots that go down deep and branches that reach toward heaven.  I shall continue to grow and season and I will never be the same again.” (Kim – 2018 Retreat participant)

“I have been fortunate to be able to attend numerous retreats that Cathy has led.  I have been nourished, blessed, challenged and renewed by each one!” (Esther – 2016 Retreat participant)

“This particular retreat has impressed upon me the need, the necessity to be vulnerable.  Stand naked and be true to yourself.  Lose the fear of the moment.  This is possible because Cathy herself allows and gives us her vulnerable self.” (Charleen – 2016 Retreat participant)

“This time has been so restful and peaceful.  Tension that I carry regularly in my shoulders melted out and the voices that constantly yatter inside disturbing peace, silenced.  So relaxing but beyond that to refreshing and restoring.  Received words and images to carry from here and continue to ponder and hold in my heart to receive greater fullness from them yet to come.” (Marilyn – 2016 Retreat participant)


“Always peeling the onion and trying to find my authentic and true self.  These retreats give me the space to gaze in words and feel energy, sometimes pain, but ultimately joy that is possible in this lifetime.” (Louise – 2016 Retreat participant)

“Cathy facilitates groups in a way that allows us to feel safe, and cared for so that we can venture into deep work that is life changing.  She is a gifted facilitator.” (Donelda – 2016 Retreat participant)

“Cathy’s heart & home are profoundly open and restorative.  She drew me in to a deep journey of rest, listening, love, grace and fed me body and soul.  This one day did more for me than I’ve been able to find all year.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.”  Jessica


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