Music Studio Memories


The Music Studio is now closed.  As of June 2019, Cathy retired from teaching and is now devoting herself fully to Soul Care work.

One of the special moments in June of 2019.


A window into what has been……

Located close to downtown, Mission, B.C., Cathy’s Music Studio hosted hundreds of students (from 4 years of age to 70) over 17 years.  With over 30 years of teaching experience, Cathy offered lessons in piano, recorder, ukulele, music theory and singing.  Cathy’s journey to release her own voice gave her a unique perspective on mentoring young and old with releasing theirs.  Cathy began teaching piano lessons when she was 16 years old. She guided students through the Royal Conservatory Exams of Canada or taught them to play by ear with chord charts.


Marley Penner after June Celebration Concert 2016

Comments from the community about Cathy’s Music Studio

My name is Marley and I am a student at Cathy’s music studio.
I am very lucky to be learning music from her. Cathy is a kind hardworking woman who will keep you motivated even when you just want to give up 😀
The thing I love about Cathy is that she teaches just enough of everything, not too much nor too little.
I hope that you will find Cathy as loving and caring about music as her other students and I do 🙂    Marley age 10 (2017)

Cathy is truly priceless. It was meant to be the day she was randomly recommended to us.. the advice was– with Cathy you get more than just a music teacher.. so on a whim I called her.. I knew the second when these two met that Marley needed Cathy to be her mentor. Marley has grown (and has stayed motivated) with her love and joy for music in leaps and bounds over the last few years. She has progressed with her piano (in truth–turned our whole house upside down so she could graduate to a real piano– much to Marley’s relief) and has found a joy for singing (which was a surprise to me) I have Cathy to thank for that. Best advice I ever got from a random stranger was to call Cathy.  Marleys mom 

Cathy is not only an amazing artist but also a wonderful teacher. She is so warm and welcoming and has this ability to connect with her students like no other. My daughter loves going to Cathy’s class and loves to tell me all the fun things they do and learn. She also told me her favourite part of class is giving Cathy a hug after every class. That just shows how comfortable the kids are with her. Thank you Cathy for all you do. Taneane Twele  (part of music studio for the past 5 years)

Carissa Selbie after performing at ARH Dec 2016

Alexandrah Pahl performing an original song at ARH Christmas 2016 with Cathy’s Music Studio

“Cathy’s love of all varieties of music enhances her teaching and her enthusiasm rubs off on her students. She is very much ‘in tune’ with her students’ musical interests and strengths and brings out the best in them, while encouraging them to try something new now and then, and to aim higher.  Her year end concerts are a testimony to the individual attention she pours into each student, and of how she connects with each student through her passion for music. We feel incredibly indebted to Cathy for her influence in our children’s lives, both as a musical mentor and as a friend.” – Wendy Van Den Berg (part of Cathy’s music studio for 13 years)

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