Time away to tend to the sanctuary of your soul and the pathway for greater integrity in one’s life.  Learning to pause, listen, and reflect can lead to living with greater purpose and intention in relationships and vocation. Rooted in Contemplative traditions (including Ignatian spirituality, Celtic Christianity, and Jungian psychology), the power of story, music, […]

Spaces & Songs for the Soul With Cathy AJ Hardy, Band & Soul Care® Team    Retreats providing space to reawaken to the beauty, wisdom and profound love that resides within and all around. You will be invited to pause, receive and be renewed for the path ahead. Music that creates space for the soul; […]

A Silent Retreat for Women to Restore and Strengthen You…     Come Away is a retreat exclusively for women. Intentionally small with room for up to 13 participants, this retreat is designed to enable you to find sacred space for rest and reflection, renewal and restoration. You will be guided into silence over 4 […]