Finding my voice and telling my story has been a journey….

It hasn’t come easily

Allowing my voice to emerge


Telling my truth

is uncomfortable, edgy, and vulnerable.

Telling my truth


letting go of your approval

Letting go of my need to fit in

Letting go of my longing to be understood

Telling my truth


Taking enough time to be


With myself

So I even know

What my truth is.

Telling my truth


Becoming friends with myself

So I can honor

The trueness

Of my soul.

Speaking with my voice

From the depths of my soul

And telling the truth

Is terrifying

And extremely liberating

It is

Soul freedom

When I see you

Telling your truth

My heart awakens

I feel an eruption

Of joy

I fall in love

 With you

Because a soul

Alive with their truth

Is incredibly beautiful to me

You become radiant

As your eyes display

Your soul

And like a warm fire drawing me near on a cold night,

Your truth and beauty draws me near

To you

I recognize

That you have also

Been on a journey

I know that

Telling your truth

Takes courage

You can only tell your full truth

If you don’t need me to like you

And somehow this makes me like you

Very much

Telling your truth

Is not arrogant

Not full of persona

But it is a quiet knowing

A clear way of being in the world

And you inspire me

To keep


You inspire me

To carry on

With this journey

of listening

to the voice of my soul

and daring to

tell the truth

I have learned

That each soul

Is a diamond

There may be layers

Of shame

Or darkness

Or fear

Covering up this great beauty

But at the central core

Of you

Of me


Infinite beauty

The beauty of

Our souls.

If we take time

For stillness



We may hear a whisper

From our souls

Our souls long for us to live,

Really live

And to tell the truth

From this inner place

And so even though

You may not believe

In the beauty of your own soul

I believe it for you.

And when I see you

I hope I can reflect

To you

The beauty that I behold

In your eyes

In your smile

In your heart

In your very being.

Because I long for your unique voice in this world

I long for your unique soul

To be expressed

I long to experience the unique beauty

That lies only in you

And that you may truly know

For your life

Soul freedom.

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