Soul Care On-Line Retreat (Private)

July 8 and 9 (Friday evening and Saturday morning)

Coming Home/ Soul Care by Cathy HardyIMG_0009
It has been a deep personal journey to ‘come home’ to myself and more deeply, to the Presence of God within and all around. The impact of this journey has led to greater inner peace, freedom in making choices, peace in status of relationships (whether single or with a partner), and a renewed vision for living. Many of us do not know we are ‘sleeping’ like Jairus’s daughter. The deepest part of ourselves has often been silenced by institutions, patriarchy, and our desire to please everyone else before ourselves. It seems we are terrified of being selfish yet at the same time feel burnt out and disconnected from our true essence. We have heard the call to ‘deny ourselves and take up our cross’…so it may seem contradictory to actually listen to ones heart without feeling old messages of shame and guilt. What is Christ inviting us to? How do we find inner peace? How do we explore the freedom of knowing ourselves and loving Christ? It is in pursuing all of these questions that we can find a path (it may feel like the labyrinth at times) home. Our retreat/workshop will be exploring these questions.
Cost: $60 US dollars – please pre-pay at the link below.
Friday night and Saturday morning, times and more details to come!!

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