It is around 10 years ago that I first walked on the grounds of Rivendell Retreat Centre on Bowen Island.  I was taking a plunge and entering an 8 day silent retreat that opened inner doors and shook me to my core.
Those 8 days have lived in me ever since.  The first 4 days we were invited to not even look in the eye of another.  4 days!  We were invited into ourselves, into the richness of our own being.  That is quite terrifying for most of us.  To hang out with ourselves!  But as many of the mystics have written, coming home to oneself is also where one comes home to God within.  that is was happened here in this place. I was met so deeply with Divine Love.

Since that time, I like to come back and walk on these grounds and remember.  This is sacred space for me.  My soul says to me; ‘remember’?

Cathy, do you remember the mountains?  And how they came alive for you?

Do you remember what happened when you walked down the forest path and sat on that stone and was filled with awe?

Cathy, do you remember lying on this bench and becoming aware of an awareness you had never known before?

And so, once again, I’ve returned.  And I’m remembering.  I’m counting the years and how these moments have only gone deeper into my soul.  Transformation in silence yields profounds fruit.  And I’m still bearing witness to the unfolding.

For the first time this summer, I’m hosting others to come with me on retreat here at Bowen along with my co-worker, Lorie Martin.  Perhaps this place will call to you too.  Perhaps this place will become sacred ground for your soul.  If this calls to you, you can check it out here:  July Bowen Retreat

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