Remain In Love – A new album of sung prayers……..

Remain in Love  – a new album of sung prayers 

Once again……there is an awareness in my heart that it is time to birth another album of music, another journey of sung prayers that can open the heart, deepen into trust, yield to Mystery.

Would you consider partnering with me in creating this new album?

Over and over, I have fallen in love with the beauty of Divine Love, the Love of God, of Christ.  Out of this Love, flows music.   This music flows into songs of prayer for community or for private times of the heart.  Songs of stillness and songs to stir you to action! People from all over the world have been touched by the soul music of the past 10 years and inspiring stories have been sent to me of how this music has impacted their lives.  Many of us are knowing a shift in how we experience Divine Love; some of us from deeply religious backgrounds and some of us from many different paths.  Our hearts are expanding to new ways of knowing and being.  This new album reflects that journey of the heart to the expansive and wide heart of the Presence of Love.  These songs are about remaining in that Love.“Love alone is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them, for it alone takes them and joins them by what is deepest in themselves.” Teilhard de Chardin

I am reaching out to you to donate/partner with me once again to be part of this work.  Recording does not provide an income for me or support me, but it is part of my gift to the world.  Would you like to join me in creating music of healing, hope and inspiration once again?

January, 2018  Remaining Costs for Project   $3500   

THANKS TO SO MANY WHO HAVE partnered with me!!!!!

Original Goal:  Raise $15,000 for recording/producing/publication

Recording and producing (Aug – Dec 2017)

RELEASE:  March 2018

Donations would be in the understanding that you are helping to create beauty, goodness, and sacred prayer into this world.  In gratitude, I would send you signed copies of the CD.

Gift/Donation Suggestions:  (You can contribute any amount)

$100 – 2 Signed Albums

$500 – 10 Signed Albums

$1000 – 20 Signed Albums

PAYPAL DONATION    or E-Transfer Donations  ( or in person (check or cash)

Once again, thank you for reading this.  I could never have created what I have without this community partnership.  I am so deeply grateful and once again trust that if this new album is to be birthed that the funds will be provided.  With much love, Cathy

Update January 11 – the album is complete! And heading into re-production.  Can’t wait to share it with YOU.  SAVE THE DATE:  Saturday, October 20th – REMAIN IN LOVE release concert.

Update November 22 – I am now receiving the first of the engineered songs from Philip.  I have been blown away.  What Philip has poured into this album is nothing short of incredible.  He has taken my songs and expanded them into beautiful works of art.  The musicians who have contributed to this album are extraordinary.  Wow.  I want to listen over and over and over again!!  There is much to do in the days ahead with graphic design, completion of engineering and duplication details.  THANK YOU for helping make perhaps the most extraordinary project of my life so far.  It will be a blessing to many – this I know for sure.

Update – Oct 15th – Thanks for the beautiful gifts that keep coming at unexpected moments.  This past Friday I went to the studio again to work with Philip on a song after being gone for almost two weeks with a course in Ontario and an event in Colorado.  I realized we were again at the end of our funds…and while I was there talking with Philip, another gift came in.  I wept.  There is a fire in me for this album.  It will birth.  I will carry on step by step!

Update:  Sept 1st-  What AN AMAZING OUTDOOR concert on Aug 29th.  Below are two videos from the event.  Such a beautiful and magical night of love, community, moonlight, starlight and music for the soul!

Thanks to all who were there are contributed.  I am now able to add 3 more days in at the studio.  YAHOO


UPDATE:  Aug 19th – I began 3 days of recording this week with the funds I have received and will continue to record as I am financially able!  What a magical 3 days.  

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