Joy of Laughter

One of the most profound journeys I’ve known in the past few years has been to discover, or perhaps re-discover the pure laughter of joy that lives within me.  I had a joy of giggling and belly laughter as a little girl and would often laugh with my big brother when we would play.  We understood one another with a glance and I enjoyed his antics and teasing.

I lost that laughter for many years, as many of us lose connection with those pure, precious, places within us  – when the realities of our lives happen.  And I had forgotten this laughter was part of my nature.

Over the past decade or so, as the soul healing work has continued, I have been surprised by joy, a deep joy that wells up when there is love in the room, beauty, friendship, connection, creativity, and … music!

I always loved music so much.  As a small child, I would enjoy burying my face in the carpet and just allowing the music to wash over me.  Mom played a lot of CBC classical music and there were always records to enjoy.  4-part harmonies were part of the church experience with growing up, and then learning to play piano and eventually singing vocal jazz.  All these moments brought me joy.

When I began to look for the lost voice of mine in my early 30s, by joining a community choir, I felt fragile and tender with my voice.  It felt like thin paper; crackly and easily broken.  But over time, many stories, and many moments of healing, the voice strengthened and developed.

To my surprise, I eventually wrote songs and began to share those tunes for others in my late thirties and forties.  I found a profound joy in singing, especially singing with others.

Today, at 56, I practiced with my band for the tour we are about to embark on.  I never thought I could do this at this age!  I realized today, I felt a joy that reminded me of when I was 5.  The laughter was pouring out of me.

There was just a pure, sweet, joy of sharing music with people I love – and sharing songs that come from this healing journey.  I love these songs.  I love how they have healed me, called me, led me, and challenged me.  I love how these songs remind me of what is true when I have forgotten myself once again. I love how these songs lift me up and set my heart on fire to love and be loved once again.

Today was a day of joy – and such great anticipation of sharing songs, stories, and spaces with many of you as I travel in the next couple of weeks.

If you can make it, I’d love to see you – and share the songs of my life with you.  I hope these songs can lift you up, encourage your heart, and set you ablaze with knowing how precious you are.


With love,


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