Labyrinth on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne

January 2, 2022

Recently, I came across this photo of an incredible labyrinth I walked on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne while on personal pilgrimage in 2018.  This island has lots of interesting history with Celtic spirituality, Viking invasions and much more.  I remember feeling a little lost, walking on the edge of the island by myself, far away from family and friends and anyone who knew me.  I was yearning for a spiritual experience, a connection with the Divine, a moment of awareness.  The places I thought I would find that hopeful encounter had disappointed.  I had found my way to the wild edges of the island and came to the threshold of land, sea and sky.  As I wandered around, to my surprise, I found this labyrinth.  It was such a gift in that moment, a symbol of the unexpected path in the midst of the unknown.

The labyrinth has been so significant in my life, constantly inviting me to trust once again when I am lost, when I can’t see, when I don’t know.  All the labyrinth requires is that you keep walking and open your heart.  And so I walked that labyrinth and yielded my life once again to the path of the soul, to the path that is not always obvious, but somehow found in the midst of the heart’s longing.

As we enter 2022, this labyrinth reminds me to trust amidst the unknowns we all face, the confusion that may cloud our vision, and the uncertainty of what tomorrow may bring.  We are invited to stay in what today holds and be fully present, to take the next step before us.

As we walk together, I invite us to also remember we are an ‘unfinished song’, living out the music of our lives.  The grand masterpiece of our lives is made through the many small moments of presence we live each day.  Ordinary things like setting the table and sharing a conversation with another.  May the song below encourage you to live your song with courage this year, holding kindness and gentleness for yourself and others around you.

I invite you to dedicate 2022 to walking with kindness on the path and together, opening our hearts to Love.















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