Profile Oct 2012i am she….a soul’s journey home

this is the name of the new album I am currently recording.

Release date: September 2013~ here is a bit of the background of this creative project


It was around 3 years ago that I had an experience out at Heritage Park in Mission.  I looked up at the Sky and asked my Creator,

‘who do you say that I am?’

I was deeply struggling with my life situation. Feelings of pain, invisibility & being unlovable clouded my heart & mind.  Somehow these words that the person of Christ had asked his friends came to mind, and I felt this boldness in asking the question myself, to the One who made me.

And what I heard was so unexpected, so profound, so amazing that it overwhelmed my soul.  I realized I could choose to believe this response of love to me or toss it and call it crazy.

In that moment, I dared to believe.  I wrote the words on my bathroom wall and turned them into a song, and now a whole album.

This response from Divine Love has changed my life.

Love heals

Love restores

Loves celebrates

Love creates

Love invites me to LIFE

11 original songs

songs of hope, healing & inspiration

If you would like to partner with me in bringing this album forward, please go to:

i am she

 Video – i am she excerpt

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