A Song Story / A New Album

The year of 2023 held unexpected adventures, challenges and gifts.  Three significant moments I will share here:

  1. Trauma inspired song – In January of 2023 I was invited to lead a faith community through 5-monthly gatherings of dealing with spiritual trauma.  It was through this process that the song, Here I Am was birthed.
  2. Impact of music – In September of 2023, I launched into a cross-Canada tour for the first time, sharing songs and stories.  Here I Am was one of the songs I shared in the retreat settings and people let me know it had impacted them deeply.
  3. The gift of Philip – Unbeknownst to me, my producer, Philip Janz, was able to record our first concert in Niagara Falls and offered to use some of these recordings into a LIVE album.

These three things began to weave together, and allowed my heart to open to the possibility of a new album.  I’d like to share a bit more below about each of these three elements and the invitation for you to dream with me about supporting this musical project.

In my own life, and in journeying with many people through spiritual direction and retreat work, I have come to learn how trauma has impacted many of our lives.  Spiritual trauma is now being understood and acknowledged in new and significant ways.  Things we didn’t dare talk about when I was a child are now being addressed and brought into the open.  As I had the opportunity to bring a loving presence into a faith community impacted by trauma, I took many moments of deep silence.  What could we do to acknowledge the situation at hand?  The connection with other traumatic events in one’s life, and open to grace in the midst of confusion, disorientation, and suffering.  I know that trite, religious words would only deepen the angst.  As I sat in the silence of my living room one day, I held space for this group.  I had an image of them naming their suffering on pieces of paper and bringing that forward.  The words of this song began to rise in me – “Here I am, I bring my pain, may my pain be held in love”.  So simple.  No fixes.  Just acknowledgement.

And so on the allotted night for this moment, I began to sing this new melody.  As I did, the image for the song expanded in my heart and mind.  I was aware of Loving Presence at the front – with these words – “Here I am, I see your pain. Yes, your pain is held in love.”   I began to sing these additional words with an added perspective and was deeply impacted myself as people moved in silence with these words enfolding them.

After these five months, this song was tucked away until I led the next retreat in Cochrane Alberta in July.  Again, this song emerged in my heart during an evening of song and poetry and I shared it.  Again, during the September tour, it was a meaningful song to share to acknowledge the depths of what was often unacknowledged in the room.

When the dream for an album holding some of the LIVE material emerged, I knew this was the title of the album.  It is a statement about presence, but about so much more.  It is how I want to live – being a present and loving human in this world.

I had no idea that Philip had recorded that first concert of the tour in Niagara Falls.  After we came home from the tour, Philip shared this news with me and invited me to consider a new album.  New albums are overwhelmingly expensive to create! And as an artist, it has become a huge investment of time, finances, and energy without any financial return.  I will also say here, that I have had different individuals come forward and ease this burden in shocking and powerful ways.  The generosity I have known in bringing my soul’s art to the world has been profoundly humbling.

For this new album, I have decided to create a magazine type writing that will hold three things:  1.  Stories and images of the tour.  2.  More about the powerful team I travelled with.  3.  The lyrics and stories of each of the songs.

This album will be a limited edition and to help cover all the many expenses, we are inviting you to pre-order this album, which will be released on November 23 at the Here I Am concert in the Fraser Valley of BC.

$100 – for a signed CD / download card / and magazine booklet

$125 on concert night – Concert Tickets here


Here I Am Songlist:

Love Shines – Remake

Courage for Today – Live

I am with You – Remake

Living Presence – Live

Joy is Coming – Live

To the One – NEW

Here I Am – NEW

In Love I Live – NEW

Rise Up – Remake

That We Might Radiate Love – Live


I look forward to sharing this music with you!  I know many people listen on streaming services – this music will eventually make its way there, but I invite you to consider supporting this music by ordering a hard copy first! With many thanks – and anticipation for all that is to come.

Recently, as I sang at Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre, there was a gentleman who came up to me afterwards who had undergone deep trauma as a soldier.  The music pierced him and offered deep consolation and healing.  It is my longing that this recorded music will carry a spirit of love and kindness, joy, and healing.

With love,





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