Happy New Year!  Jan 2, 2023.

This holiday season I have fallen in love with the book; The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse, which was now made into a film (link below).  The author, Charlie Mackesie, suggests that these characters are all part of oneself – and that the horse is the symbol of the soul.  The boy is lost, the mole is lost.  The fox is lost too.  But when the horse is asked if he is also lost, he says; “no, I am not lost.”

I love this message so much.  Especially as we begin a new year.  There may be aspects of our lives that feel lost, confused, disoriented.  We may have no idea where we have come from and where we might be going.  There is a field of ‘wild’ before us and we have no idea as individuals or as a collective, what this year may bring.  We may feel very lost indeed. Who hasn’t?  Who hasn’t asked these questions: Where is my home?  Where do I belong?  Who am I?  What next?  

Labyrinth on the Isle of Lindisfarne – place of my pilgrimage / symbol of pilgrimage for us all

But the horse – the soul – isn’t lost.  There is an aspect of us – perhaps hidden, unnoticed, but real, true, wise, and loving – that isn’t lost.  This is the part of us that is our soul.  If we quiet, if we listen, if we allow our fears to move to the sidelines for a moment, perhaps we will hear a whisper.

In the book, Let Your Life Speak, Parker Palmer talks about the soul being elusive.  He describes how we must sit silently for a while – perhaps at the base of a tree – and that maybe, if we are really paying attention, we may catch a glimpse of this wild, inner beauty that lives within each of us.

This is the aspect of our lives I am so passionate about … for myself, for you.  I believe when we touch the soul within, we regain a sense of the dignity of our lives, we find a sense of our purpose, we discover wonder, we find home.

My hope and prayer for each of us this year is that we find a moment of pause where we remember the beauty of our souls, the hope of being alive, the profound potential we have as human beings to create beauty, connection, and love.  My hope is that we remember the wonder of the soul that lives within us, made in the image of the Divine, and is not lost.

All my love to you this new year,


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