Some days it is hard to know where to be….do I wash the floors, respond to e-mail, write the next song, go for a walk, or dash off in my car to be present to someone who is hurting that I love.  What to do?

Some days it feels there is a hundred things I could do – and I feel pulled in a million directions.  Today I was reminded of this poem that I wrote in a parking lot a year ago.  On these days – when I am trying to figure out exactly where to turn, this poem speaks to me.  So, it felt time to share….maybe it will speak to you too, in the middle of your full day.

sitting in a parking lot

have some time on my hands

feeling rather tired

want to close my eyes

just need to rest here for a while

be still and breathe

let the open spaces of my heart

come to peace again

I get swept up in the stories

of all the people in my life

I want to know that the love I have to give

is enough

is enough

I need to realign with beauty

I need to realign with grace

and resting in this moment

brings me to that healing space

there is a beauty that surrounds us

there is a grace that moves beyond

all our frailty and weakness

and gives us strength to carry on

when i open up to beauty

when I open up to grace

I can feel a Love that’s greater

that is enough

that is enough

I know my human weakness

I know my brokenness

but I open to this beauty

And I find rest

© 2013 Cathy AJ Hardy

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