I’ve been developing this prayer for 4 years.  And I even wrote it all my wall.  With permanent marker.  Perhaps not the best idea for painting over later.  But at the time, it was fun!  I needed to look at words every day that would remind me about what was good, true, beautiful and joyful.  I needed inspiration and help with getting in what I call, Alignment with Love.

And so I began to write this prayer and commit myself to the Love of God in my own way and language.

And now, after 4 years of staring at this every day on the walls in my home, I’m ready to share it with you. May it strengthen you, uphold you and lift you up.  May it remind you of what is good, true, beautiful and joyful in your life.

Love Cathy

A Prayer for Today

May your bones shine with the radiance of the Presence of Love

May your heart beat with the joy of knowing your intrinsic value

May your mind be filled with thoughts and intentions rooted in the Creator’s love for you

May your longings align with Loves’ longings

May your feet be carried to where you need to be today

May your eyes behold beauty

May your mouth speak truth

May your hands be open and receptive to all Love longs to give you

May your hands offer blessing to all they touch

May you move out of Loves’ response rather than fear’s reaction

May you be energized by Love

May you receive forgiveness and compassion

May you offer forgiveness and compassion

May you receive grace and mercy

May you offer grace and mercy

May you receive the gaze of Love

May you become the reflection of the gaze of Love

May you become the radiance of the Presence of Love

©2011 Cathy AJ Hardy


Catherine Beerda Basso of Our Perspective Photography

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