Love Shines


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Described as ‘inspired world music’ the Love Shines album is filled with Cathy’s original compositions.



Nominated for Folk/Roots ALBUM OF THE YEAR with the Gospel Music Awards of Canada.

Described as ‘inspired world music’ the Love Shines album is filled with Cathy’s original compositions.

Link to Remain in Love on Spotify Link to Love Shines on iTunes

Comments from the public

“Cathy Hardy’s Love Shines CD filled with the presence of love entered my world at just the right time. The whole CD is exceptionally beautiful.”

“In her latest release “Love Shines” Cathy Hardy shares a reflective and meditative spiritual experience that is at once pure and peaceful, and deeply personal.”

“Cathy’s music is not only reflective, but contains elements of the blues, rock and African style “call and answer” songs. There are cool instrumental effects from Boris Sichon’s collection such as the didgeridoo and special folk flutes and drums, and one can’t help tapping along with the energetic “Every time I feel the Spirit”; but the highlight of the album for me is the opening song “Love Shines” in which Cathy’s pure voice conveys a sense of peace and beauty.” – Calvin Dyck, Canadian Violinist

“Really enjoyed myself and your music Cathy. In fact, I uploaded “Love Shines” from iTunes during the performance. I just love this CD. Listen to it all the time.” – Leanne Power

“I’m soaking your new CD into the pores of my being. Cathy, it is amazing! You are so vibrant and so alive throughout the songs…words, music. Life, freedom and hope emanate from it. It feeds my soul and…I love it.” – Herta Klassen (ps. loved, loved your concert)

“I find your voice to be so mature and expressive, and the musicianship and technical aspects of the CD excellent.” – Richard Janzen

“Love Shines is a fantastic set of songs from the heart. The old saying is true again in her experience – ‘if you want to sing the blues, you gotta pay the dues’ – she has lived through some pain and she comes through on the other end singing with integrity and passion.” – Steve Klassen, Executive Director of the Mark Centre

“Wow..we’re so happy and proud for you. You have put so much of your heart n’ soul into this project. To see it finally come to fruition despite all of the adversity your family has faced in the last year is simply amazing. Your love, devotion, passion, faith and talent truly shines thru in your music and on this cd. Kudos Cath, kudos big time!!” – Frank & Selena Medema

“What is most amazing in your music is your you-ness. Who you are: so relaxed, warm, reaching out to your audience, not contrived in any way, natural, loving, beautiful in body, soul, spirit is such a gift too, in addition of course to your incredible unique music, and the voice and keyboard talent to go with it ~ again, I could go on and on. Your CD has been playing this morning.” – Elsie & Walt Goerzen


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