And I Heard the Sound of Laughter


“And I heard the Sound of Laughter … songs of the divine embrace.”

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And I Heard the Sound of Laughter … Songs of the Divine Embrace.

Testimonials for ‘And I Heard the Sound of Laughter’

“Cathy Hardy’s new release ‘And I Heard the Sound of Laughter’ is part autobiography, part worship and part confession.  It’s a beautiful musical story of Divine Love finding her, and her finding Divine Love in the most innocuous and commonplace pleasures: laughter.  The songs rise and fall from exuberant exultation to quiet, meditative reflection.  The purity of her voice and Phil Janz’s sympathetic production yield us a sonic and spiritual pleasure that is engaging and refreshing.”

Roy Salmond, Producer & GMA Lifetime Achievement Award 2015 Recipient 

“Cathy’s new album marks a new breadth, length, height and depth to her creative vision that I believe reflects and amplifies her experience of Christ’s love for her and for us all.”

Brad Jersak
Award winning Author, A More Christlike God

“It’s been wonderful to have shared in Cathy’s musical journey over the last 10 years. What a relief to discover that “faith” does not need to lead us to predictable and static conclusions concerning God’s intentions with humanity. It seems that grace refuses us permission to draw lines in the sand. This album, then, contains much of Cathy’s 25-year discovery of what the Divine Embrace actually looks and feels like, amidst the journey called “life”. Because of this, I believe joy to be the very fabric of the cosmos itself—it’s what makes all created things inherently valuable and good. This is echoed in Cathy’s latest musical offering, “And I Heard the Sound of Laughter”. 

Philip Janz, Producer & GMA Producer of the Year 2013 Recipient

“It’s so gentle and tender, like one long love song.”  Carolyn

“It feels warm and safe and like permission to come home to your truth”.  Katie

“The album listened to in its entirety is a sacred journey toward an encounter with Divine Love and mystery. I felt drawn in by the purity of your voice and the dance of the accompanying instruments and harmonies. At the end I didn’t want to move, so hardly breathing, just lingered on and on in silence. Beautiful, peaceful, healing!”  Jan

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