Event Category: Contemplation

  This Soul Care® Retreat will be a weekend retreat of “pause” for the soul through prayer meditations, poetry, and music. A spacious place to receive and know restoration of the heart. Soul Care® Retreats are created to give opportunity for people to come back home to themselves & to God. Rooted in Contemplative traditions […]

This Soul Care Retreat will be a weekend of Pause for the soul through prayer meditations, poetry, and music.  This retreat will provide spaciousness to receive restoration for the heart.  Soul Care Retreats are created for people to come back home to themselves and to God.  Rooted in contemplative spiritual traditions, this retreat wields together […]

Located at the majestic Mt. Carmel Spiritual Centre in Niagara Falls, the concert will be held Saturday, June 1st, in the Stone Cathedral Chapel. It will be a rich experience of music for the soul. Cathy’s music has been named inspirational, soulful, gentle, wild, deep, and life-changing. Gentle ballads and joyful blues, folk story-songs and prayerful […]

  Time away to tend to the sanctuary of your soul and the pathway for greater integrity in one’s life.  Learning to pause, listen, and reflect can lead to living with greater purpose and intention in relationships and vocation.   Rooted in Contemplative traditions (including Ignatian spirituality, Celtic Christianity, and Jungian psychology), the power of […]

        Soul Care – Women’s Retreat Soul Care Retreat for women includes both group time and space for the individual. Come as you are and receive an invitation into soul rest, grace, mercy, and love. Soul Care Retreats are times of oasis for the heart, body & soul.  A time away to […]