Indie – precious black lab angel…almost 12 years old.

She’s gone. She’s the first one I was with in their passing. Soul friend. Indie. The one who breathed with me in my laughter and my tears.

Ode to Indie

You came unexpectedly into our lives

And that first night when you cried

And I came and held you

And you snuggled your face into my neck

We connected


I held you

And later, as the years went on

You held me


…in so many ways…

You attuned yourself to my rhythms

And lived your days accompanying me


With stillness,

With walks in the woods

With children coming for lessons

With circles of women

You were kind

Often sitting by the one

Who needed you most

So kind


A beautiful presence

To come home to

Always greeting me with a smile

And ready for a walk if I opened the door

And accepting when it was time to stay home.

You didn’t complain

Even when you were in so much pain

I didn’t know you were suffering to the degree you were

I’m sorry

But…thank you…

Thank you for wanting to stay as long as you did

Thank you for loving me

Thank you for loving those I love

Thank you for breathing with me

It was a gift to breath with you

At the end until

Your last breath

Face to face

Eye to eye

Breath to breath

Until you were gone

But you’re not gone

Not really…but it is different

And I will miss feeding you each morning

And your little kiss on my hand as I put your food in your dish

You always said, ‘thank you’

I will miss hearing your footsteps as you would wander into

My room in the early morning hours to be close

I will miss your face as I wake up and you would be

Sitting by my side ready for me to get up

I will miss you sitting under the piano for each

Student and being a footrest for the wee ones

I will miss your companionship in the trails

I will miss your glee at the joy of a stick

I will miss your presence

Every day




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