Event Details

Cathy is happy to share her music at this special coffeehouse event featuring readings by Winnipeg poets, Joanne Epp and Angeline Schellenberg.

Admission at the door is $5.00.  Albums, books and food will be available to purchase.

Home is like “a memory of a lost photograph,” elusive but vivid. A place of tenuous security, “one claw on the screen” can threaten the entire structure. Joanne Epp, in her first collection of poetry, Eigenheim, shapes and reshapes the peculiar characteristics of one’s own idea of home. Without defining the precise dimensions, there is room enough to house the essentials. Examining death and birth, loss and love, deep searching and unquenchable longing, Epp reaches back to her rural Mennonite roots while restlessly exploring what lies just beyond the sun’s reach (http://www.turnstonepress.com/poetry/eigenheim.html).

Angeline Schellenberg’s Tell Them It Was Mozart is a series of linked poems that uncover the ache and whimsy of raising children on the autism spectrum. Through public judgments, detouring dreams, and unspoken prayers, Angeline’s debut collection, traces both a slow bonding and the emergence of a defiant humour. This is a book that keens and cherishes, a work full of the earthiness and transcendence of mother-love (http://www.brickbooks.ca/books/tell-them-it-was-mozart/).


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