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Healing the Wounded Feminine

Join Cathy as she discusses this transformational journey over 3 evenings.  You may sign up for one, two or all three nights.  The following topics will be explored:

July 18th – The Journey From Naivety to Wisdom

          Through understanding the myth of Blue Beard

Have you ever betrayed your heart?  Have you ever felt that you have put yourself in a situation that you realized would harm you?  Have you ever allowed yourself to be deceived by a person or a sitution that has led into danger or destruction?  The story of Blue Beard illuminates where we have given away our deepest knowing, through being enchanted by a person or situation that is false.  This legend is a wonderful teacher to help guide us to be faithful to our deepest knowing.  To find our deepest knowing takes profound courage.  During this evening we will tell the story of Blue Beard, explore the different characters in the story, and open our hearts to where we find ourselves in the story at this time in our lives.

July 25th – Mother / Daughter Relationships

                       The restoration of wholesome mutuality

For many women, there is a primal wound of not knowing unconditional love of a mother.  When a woman carries this wound and becomes a mother herself, she can easily repeat the cycle of pain for another generation.  Many of us have known mother / daughter relationships that are more painful then free.  There is great longing for healthier relationships and healing.  Although we can never change the mother or daughter in our life, we can learn to open ourselves to the primal wound that lives within our own hearts.  We can receive healing and allow ourselves to grow in freedom that we may break some of these cycles of pain.  This evening will be about exploring the common mother / daughter cycles and how we might be perpetuating  them.   We will enter into a group time of facing the wound and opening up for healing.

August 1st – Embracing the Divine Feminine

                        Exploring God as She

Many of us have known the language of God to be purely masculine.  However, all of us as human beings carry masculine and feminine qualities.  If we are truly made in the image of God, the Divine holds the essence from which we came, thus carrying fully feminine and fully masculine qualities.  When we have heard only masculine language around the Divine, it limits our understanding of God. To bring a greater fullness to our understanding of the Divine, it is important that we explore a side that has been missing, the side of SHE.  When I , Cathy, was struggling to accept myself as a woman, it brought tremendous conciliation to my heart to know that I came from a Source that included my femininity.  I began to read some scripture with a pronoun “She” rather than “He” which allowed me to experience something beyond what I had previously know.  The Hebrew word for compassion translates as “womb”.  To consider being held in the womb of God, in the compassion of God, opens up the imagination to a new level of

painting by Cathy AJ Hardy

understanding of our development and formation.  During this evening we will explore some scripture, changing the pronoun to “She” and allowing our imagination to have a new experience of the Divine.  We will also explore imagery around pregnancy and birth and how we are held and formed in the womb of God.


Time: 6:30 – 9:30pm

Venue:  Cathy’s Retreat Home, Mission, BC

 Price:  $30 each or $75 for three

Registration:  Please complete the contact form below indicating which evenings you would like to register for and click “Send”.   Then click the Payment tab below to be directed to Paypal.  If Paypal is not available to you, we will send you alternate payment options.

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