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A Silent Retreat for Women and Men – A Sacred Space for Rest, Reflection, Renewal and Restoration…

Soul Care Retreats

This Come Away retreat is for for women. Intentionally small with room for up to 13 participants, this retreat is designed to enable you to find sacred space for rest and reflection, renewal and restoration. You will be guided into silence over 4 days and 3 nights. Invited to experience the still, small voice of God loving you. Two private spiritual direction sessions are included.

Cathy will be co-facilitating this journey of deep, profound silence along with Christine Van Bergeyk. Together along with MARK Centre staff they will be your hosts.

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A word from Cathy…..’my first silent retreat was 24 years ago…It was a gift I wasn’t sure I wanted.  Someone paid for me to go and so I went.  I was tentative.  Unsure. Not used to this degree of stillness and silence and there was a degree of fear and apprehension.  What happened for me during those 3 days became some of the most profound treasure I am still gleaning from today.  To open myself up to the Presence of Love in such vulnerable stillness was life-changing and has fueled my passion in leading retreats for the past 16 years as I want to share this experience with others.

A word from Christine: “It was about 10 years ago that I attended my first silent retreat. I was very fortunate to be led to the Marks Center and to the amazing Cathy Hardy for my first venture into extended silence. I was in a season of life that was very demanding, and I remember how much it meant for me to be taken care of so deeply and led so beautifully into the Presence of Love. Being given permission to rest and receive was entirely new and profoundly life changing for me. Now I am grateful, to be able to create a space for others to receive what they need to care for their beautiful souls. It is truly a full circle moment for me to offer what I have received.”


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“It was simply beautiful, exactly what my soul needed especially during this very dry season that I find myself in. Thank you so much for helping me reconnect with life giving Love. Thank you for your guidance and teaching.” (Jason – 2023 Retreat participant)


“Cathy is a gifted retreat leader. I have attended two of her retreats – one in person and one online. She has a gentle way of encouraging your heart to open and unfold so you can be present to the love of the Spirit and so you can get in touch with your authentic self. I felt safe and cared for as I was led to do some inner work. Cathy’s retreats are refreshing, relaxing, and rejuvenating. ” (Sue – 2020 Retreat Participant)




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