Anam Cara

 Anam Cara is a Circle of Resonance for people wanting to grow and flourish on their spiritual path. Along with our woman-only group, this year we will begin our first men-only group.  Anam Cara will hold intentional Soul Care connections and events for a 12 month period. Maximum registration is 12 people per group, August 2020 to July 2021

Anam Cara is a life-changing experience.  It’s like a feast for my hungry soul.  The table is set with abundant opportunity to learn who I am and who Divine Love is calling me to be.  I was weary and thirsting in my spirit and now I feel waves of renewal coming into my life.  I am deeply grateful for all that Anam Cara has to offer.   

Rebecca (current participant – Aug 2019-July 2020)

Is Anam Cara for you? 

– Are you longing to deepen your relationship with Divine Love?
– Is it time for a fresh awakening of faith, wisdom, and community?
– Do you want opportunities to discover and connect with your radiant Essence?

Intention:  It is our intention to walk with people on their authentic journey with deep meaningful soul care and invest in a loving relationship that leads to lasting transformation and inner freedom.

Commitment:  Our commitment is to companion people as they seek to listen to the Inner Voice of Love, surrender to this Love and be transformed by this Love.

Statement of Faith:  Anam Cara Soul Care work is rooted in a Christ centred faith, relationship, and a deep trust in the transformative work of Love.

“I am so thankful that I made the choice to join Anam Cara.  To be with a group of women and have a depth of connection that is like no other; it was something I had been looking years for.  I have learned so much about who I am and my relationship with LOVE being a part of this group. The depth of connection with LOVE, the depth of connection with myself and the depth of connection with my soul sisters has truly been a gift.  This is a YES I have never regretted, and to go further, there are very few things that can get in the way of this group for me; it is that important.  Truly life changing.”  Corrina Arnold MA MC RCC, Registered Clinical Counsellor

Overview of Anam Cara  – Intentional Soul Care – Living an Authentic Life and Faith

  • 2 Day Retreats & 10 Monthly Gatherings including teaching, music, small groups, spiritual practices & more
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Aug 2020-July 2021
  • 52 Weekly Inspirational Emails with Journaling Questions
  • Community of supportive friendship & care
  • Maximum 12 people per group, One Year Commitment

Fee per month includes all of the above plus venues, meals, and supplies for Soul Care events.

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