Anam Cara – Cloister for Alumni


Deepening the Roots to Nourish the Tree

Continued Soul Care for the Journey for Anam Cara Alumni

                                  August 2019 to July 2020





Anam Cara Cloister

A Cloister is a ‘covered walk’, usually connected with a monastic community.  There are new ways of understanding a monastic life, and I’m curious about how we might explore this together through these three things:

  1. Fidelity to the Soul
  2. Union with Divine Love
  3. A Life of Service

This is the sacred path of my life and I’m inviting you to join me on this walk.  As we ‘walk’ together, I can see such beauty from a shared journey….thus bringing the term ‘cloister’ to our ‘walk’.  We walk together, and offer shelter, care, companionship and friendship along the way.

Fidelity to the Soul

Fidelity to the soul is a deepening of the Vows to My Dear Heart.  Fidelity is a powerful word that reveals a deep commitment to living from your essence, your deepest truth.  Each of us is on a journey to know what that means for our life in particular as there is no one that is going to replicate our exact journey.  We are each invited to be faithful to the life we have been entrusted with.

Union with Divine Love

Christ’s invitation for us is to follow him into union with God and to live from this place of Union.  Through spiritual practices and on-going inner work, we can deepen into what this mystery is.  The commitment to this relationship with Divine Love becomes the central guiding force for our lives.

A Life of Service

Out of our integrity (fidelity to our soul) and union with Love (wholeness) comes a natural outflow to others in various means – through our creativity, our acts of service, our very being.  We begin to see in the ‘other’ the face of our Beloved and our lives pour out as acts of love from this overflow.  This is not something we strive for, but something that naturally flows as we live from the well-spring.

These three elements are a central guiding light into our upcoming year together.  My hope is to offer a place where we can explore, support, care and love one another in fuller and deeper ways.


  • Monthly Circle Gatherings with teaching, tripod sharing, opportunities to practice your gifts, & soul care
  • Themes to explore: Vocation / Dreamwork / Relationships / Spiritual Practices / Continued Healing /Triggers & How to Respond/ Fidelity to the Soul/Integration of Healing and more. (Open to YOUR requests for our topics – I love responding to what is happening in your lives!)
  • Spiritual Direction – Spiritual Direction with Cathy or another Spiritual Director that you are already with.
  • Bi-weekly Emails & Audio Meditations based on theme with a Monthly writing invitation
  • Finances – $225 per month or $150 if you are seeing someone else for Spiritual Direction (Finances can be discussed if needed. Don’t let that stop you!)

For more Information and Registration email Cathy.

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